Hey there.

We’re blogging! And I’m glad you’re here. Have a seat. Pour yourself a skinny marg. Let’s dig right in. Starting with – the name. I named the blog "Rufus" after my dog, because we all love him, but also because he’s got a whole zen way of being we aspire to. (p.s. If you want more of him and what he has to “say” be sure to follow along on insta @hudsonstore).


And … extra points if you remember the movie "Never Been Kissed" – when the cool kids decide they'll make "rufus" a new word for cool. We're not those cool kids here. But we like cool stuff. And random stuff. And made up words.

Welcome to Rufus.



Art Director & Graphic Designer, Laura Vanessa Gonzalez, also known as LVG, is a visual hunter and gatherer with an endless craving for color.