Let's Dish: How to Make an Old Fashioned

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

The basics:

- 1 barspoon of simple syrup(Unflavored!
  On that, there seems to be agreement.)
- 2 dashes Angostura bitters
- 2 ounces bourbon
- Orange twist
- And don’t forget your bar tools.

Has there ever been a drink that’s stirred up (oh yes, pun fully intended) so much strident opinion? This classic cocktail (there’s even debate around whether it should be called a cocktail) invites all sorts of controversy, from the glass it’s served in to the absence or presence of water or rocks. There’s even a whole websitedevoted to it. On October 5th, Harris Thomas of Hickory Chair was stationed at Hudson, whipping up his take. Ready to give it a try?



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