Here Come the Christmas Cards!

This is the best time of year to get mail (the ratio of cards to bills is so much nicer). But after you catch up on all the holiday news—She got a job! He got engaged! Look at how that baby has grown!—what do you do with all those beautiful cards? Here are a few modern ways to incorporate them into your holiday decor.

Create a festive garland. Drape a ribbon across your mantle with tacks or wire nails and use clothespins to clip on the cards. Notch up the look by punching two holes into each card and lacing the ribbon through like you're stringing popcorn.

Another ribbon idea! How about hanging it vertically and taping on cards? You can make two and frame a doorway. And if you have tons of friends—and tons of cards!—make twenty and tie them to the banister of your stairs.

Make a wall gallery. Get some of those contact strips (the removable kind that won't pull off paint) and arrange your cards like an art installation on an open wall in your home.

Speaking of open walls, another idea is to design an easy clipboard wall. Hang a symmetrical square of clipboards (4 across and 4 down is a good size) on the wall with more contact strips or nails and clip cards to them. We've fallen in love with the versatility of these boards: you can rotate cards and then after the holidays are over, use them for your kids' art!

Put your cards in Lucite frames. Sweet and simple. Set them all on a shelf or windowsill or table. Or if you want to spread the cheer, place them all around the room.

Have you sent your holiday cards yet? If not, we have a great selection in our store—stop by! And be sure to check out our Pinterest board for more holiday decor ideas!



Art Director & Graphic Designer, Laura Vanessa Gonzalez, also known as LVG, is a visual hunter and gatherer with an endless craving for color.