Ready to Stroll?

The 9th Annual South End Stroll is on this Wednesday, Dec. 6. And we’ve got a few tips:

  1. Invite a friend. It’s a nice time to introduce an out-of-towner to your hood and a chance to get together and do something different.
  2. Pack a bag. Use the evening to get ahead on your gift shopping. Take a roomy tote to make it easier.

  3. Go with a game plan, so you don’t miss your must-hit shops. We’ll be serving spiked hot chocolate and candy canes. We’ll pour your cocoa into a to-go flask if you like, too!

  4. Take a ride. There will be carriages to take shoppers around, which means you can cover more ground. Still, we suggest staying comfy in boots or sneakers.

  5. Get warm and toast-y. The Aquitane Group restaurants will be offering a complimentary glass of champagne to customers who attend the stroll. Cheers to that!

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Oh, and p.s. Look alive. There’s word that Santa may be around for photo opps.



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