The Procrastinator's Party Planner

5 late-in-the-game ideas for a fun NYE

No plan for New Year’s? Whether it’s the thought of drunken crowds, the extra pricey menus, the lack of child care, or sheer laziness, some of us made literally no plans and are facing a Netflix NYE. Here are a few impromptu upgrades you can still execute on.

  1. Up the food game. Make stay at home more special with some major nibbles. (Still cheaper than going out!) Hit up Olive Connection for insane cheese, crackers and schmears, and then head a few doors down to Bazaar On Beacon for reasonably priced caviar. Use pretty platters and serving piecesto elevate things even more.

  2. Change locations. Do you or a friend have a summer place? Use it now, even though it’s winter. It just feels fun, unexpected, and like a getaway.

  3. Check into a hotel. No need for an overnight, just stop by the bar at one of the many swanky hotels in town for killer people watching and a shot of getaway glam.

  4. Host a screening party. How to turn your average Friday into a “screening party”? Gather some extra pillows. Theme the movies - coming of age, French crime, Oscar supporting actor contenders, Streep … And serve popcorn, movie candy + champs.

  5. Get out and about. You don’t have to do anything in advance to enjoy First Night. Just bundle up. And pack a flask. (You didn’t hear that from us.) Plan a short burst, like a few blocks of Newbury, and  before you go put something in the crock pot to warm you up when you get home.



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