Light, Switch On! Change Things Up for Holiday

The holidays are here, friends are dropping in, and you want the house to look festive. And fantastic. And maybe fancy. Our number one trick for getting your house holiday-ready is lighting. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you (and your home) in the spirit.

1. Lights, right. White string lights compliment every interior style, feel festive without competing with anything else you have going on, and create a new mood.

2. A tree glows in … Definitely light up a Christmas tree if you have one. If you don't, but still want that glow-on-green look, wrap a plant in lights. (Calling it a Hanukkah bush optional.)

3. Take it outside. Add some evergreens outside your house too, around the door or down the front stoop. All looped in light!

4. Details, details. If you don't have greenery, but still want that glow, twist string lights around the mantle or twine them around the rail of the stairs. Or all of the above! (More is more when it comes to the holidays. And beyond, if you ask us.)

5. Make a mood. As you turn on the strings, turn down the overheads. Dimming the lights creates a definite transformation—your home becomes all comfort and cozy.

Call in the pros. We’re a big fan of outsourcing. All of us work hard, and if holiday decor is what’s stressing you out, or post-holiday decor, get help. From styling out a room to a home our Design Services are often more accessible than people think, and we love helping people mix things up at holiday time + beyond.



Art Director & Graphic Designer, Laura Vanessa Gonzalez, also known as LVG, is a visual hunter and gatherer with an endless craving for color.