The Hanukkah Wish List

How a few well-known Bostonians are lighting it up!

In honor of the first night of Hanukkah, we asked some of our favorite candle-lighting friends, what might be on their wish list. Their Hudson wish list, of course.

Cheryl Kaplan, M.Gemi

Cheryl, the president of M.Gemi, has been busy this year, appearing in Fast Company, selling out of handcrafted Italian shoes weekly, and basically doing everything else you can imagine involved in helming one of the hottest businesses around. She’d like to raise a glass with this confetti barware, and she certainly deserves to, INHO.


Orly Khon, Orly Khon Floral

The founder of the city’s pre-eminent floral studio put quite a list together when she worked on specially designed green vignettes with Jill. What made the cut? Festive melamine platessassy cocktail napkins, and simple candle sticks that work beautifully with flowers, of course.

Helene Solomon, Solomon McCown & Company

The Founder + CEO of award-winning PR agency Solomon McCown is a native New Yorker with grit to spare. (And she saw Hamilton in workshop!) On her list? Manhattan’s Babe, natch. (Bill Stein, are you reading this?)


Jen Schneider Ziskin, Heritage of Sherborn and La Morra

We’d be star struck by this restaurateur if she weren’t so damn nice. She’d love to display ripening fruit in our modernist marble bowl (!) and, hi, we’ll take a gift certificate for a night out at La Morra or Heritage of Sherborn, please. Hint, hint.


Kenny Kozol, Ten Tumbao

Kenny Kozol leads a big band with a big sound, and when it comes to his wish list, he’d like to go big, too! The musician and educator, bandleader of prominent Boston-based Latin band Ten Tumbao ( has his eye on the Custom Oly Kirin Sofa. And after dancing all night to his band’s seriously infectious tunes, we’d like into curl up on it too.


And p.s. We want to hear (and see) what’s on your Hudson wish list. And we’ll be rewarding one of you with a little wish fulfillment.

Here’s how it works. Share your Hudson wish list on social @hudsonstore. Use the hashtag “#myhudsonwishlist.”



Art Director & Graphic Designer, Laura Vanessa Gonzalez, also known as LVG, is a visual hunter and gatherer with an endless craving for color.