While you’re cleaning house… Do good + earn some Hudson BUCKS.


Our Giving Tuesday promotion is on. Make holiday prep your excuse to get rid of all the stuff you can’t stand. Bring your donation receipts to Hudson on Giving Tuesday (that’s the Tuesday after Thanksgiving) and we’ll thank you for donating with 15% off anything in store.

It’s good for everyone!

Here are some tips for culling + donating:

1. If you don’t love it, set it free. Ask yourself if you really love something. Not like, love.  If you don’t, it goes. Life’s short. Surround yourself things that make you happy.

2. Patience is not a virtue. Waiting to have a place for it? To have time to paint it? To buy a summer house? Forget it. Live in the moment.

3. Think big picture. When culling, it always helps us to think how giving pieces away can benefit others. Salvation Army donations, for example, can provide affordable home items for people who need them and also fund neighborhood programs.

4. Instant pick-me-up. Vietnam Vets will pickup at your house. Many Salvation Army locations pick up too.

5. Phone a friend. Use a Taskrabbit to pack, lift + even drive to a donation spot.

6. Plan accordingly. Check what donations are accepted in advance. For example, some Salvation Army stores even accept beds!

Do make some inroads! And we’ll see you on Giving Tuesday. Not local? Have questions? Get in touch>



Art Director & Graphic Designer, Laura Vanessa Gonzalez, also known as LVG, is a visual hunter and gatherer with an endless craving for color.